Sunday, May 02, 2010

Dear Mr. Polanski

I'm sorry that you are a vile d-bag.

I respect the fact that you have been a gifted director who has produced some of the cinema's finest films. Chinatown, one of the all time great creations to ever grace the silver screen.

I'm sorry that you suffered the tragedy of what happened to your wife. It was a terrible thing that no one should have to go through.

However, that did not give you the right to get a thirteen year-old girl drunk. It did not give you the right to slip her a Quaalude. It most certainly did not give you the right to have sex with her. I'm sorry, that should read "It most certainly did not give you the right to rape and sodomize her."

Because that is what you did.

To cry now about the persecution is perverse and sick. What you did is no different from what any other sick pervert with a drug and an unwary target. The fact that any judge was willing to entertain that you should not serve any jail time at all would have been perverse in the extreme.

You have hidden behind your money and your passport. You have been feted as a wronged man, when you know that you are in fact, at least in that case, the predator.

To now cry that it is unfair for the U.S., and in particular the County of Los Angeles is seeking your extradition on your crimes is ridiculous. To say that, because the judge changed his mind and decided to sentence you for your crime harsher than you (or others) think you should have been penalized is absurd. It shows that you are a man of no character. You chose to drug and rape that young girl. You had the choice. If you were a man, you would accept the consequences of your action.

But I guess its easy to be complain about your lot in life when your jail cell is a Swiss chalet. So like I said, I'm sorry you are a vile, disgusting d-bag.


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