Monday, May 10, 2010

Getting Down to the Wire in My Madness (Dancing With the Stars)

So I am a little dissappointed. America sent home Pam early. But, life goes on. Its not like some of the other bone headed decisions that American voters have made (Sabrina, sigh).

What is Brooke Burke wearing? Mrs. Angrybell thinks its a jazzercise outfit so she can take a class with Jane Fonda. I think it looks like something that Devo rejected. Oh how the mighty fall.

Chad and Cheryl drew the lead off slot tonight. Their first dance this week was the tango. I am not a fan of Chery's dress. Mrs. Angrybell says its vampire sexy. His frame is ok, but he is not making the slows slow and the quicks quicks. Its like he is dancing the tango at one speed, and that is not the way it is supposed to look. The spins at the top of the dance area looked a little awkward. This was not his best dance. Its like he threw away the good from last week. Of course, I expect the judges to disagree with me. Sevens across the board.

Niecy and Louis is in the second slot tonight. And for her, the slot should be labeled "death ground" because she is probably in the biggest jeopardy of those remaining. Tonight, their first dance is the Viennese Waltz. Starts of strong, but then the arm movements seem very forced and not fluid. But when she is back in hold, it comes back together again. I like how she is right on his hip where she should be. Overall, a nice dance. Better than what we saw in quality (even tho its a different dance) from Chad. I never thought Louis was that strong, but he must have some arms having to drag her over the floor. Bruno was dead on about the swarm of wasps arm movement. Carrie Ann has a point for once about the rocky transitions. Should be 8s. But there goes Carrie Ann hosing her. Instead its two 8s and a 7. Bad Carrie Ann. Bad!

Erin and Maks come up next with the Argentine tango. For once she looks like she is getting into the sprit of the dance. They drew a good song and she has a good outfit. She nailed the jump. I have to say, I am impressed with her flexibility. Very nice routine. She hid her fear for that jump well. Looked like she was on with everything, but then with a strong lead, its easier for her to keep to the tango timing which was a problem for Chad. 29, with the 10 coming from Len. Usually Len and I see eye to eye. I thought that it was a good routine, but not perfect. But Len... I will defer to him.

Evan and Anna hope to recapture some of last week's perfect score mojo with their waltz. Evan's face when he learned there was no hip action was not faked at all. Interesting choice to start from the prone position. Mrs. Angrybell and I hate this song. There is some nice rise and fall, but when they are in the hold, they aren't always close enough together in the beginning. He has great posture. He is not nailing the heel leads every time, but there are some. Mrs. Angrybell liked it. I was so-so with it. 27. I would not have been so generous.

In the clean up spot, Derek and Nicole. Uh oh, Derek's hats have reappeared. He must be getting serious. Or silly. Or he's been talking to Neal Cafferty. Dancing the foxtrot. She looks so comfortable doing the open part of the routine. She is clearly the cream of this season. She is doing a great job on this foxtrot. Not quit ea pro, but give her time and she could be. If Len overlooks the prop and mucking about, it could be a perfect score for them. Len nailed them for the mucking about, so they fell just short of perfect with the 29.

Now its the latin round of dances. And apparently they have a theme for their latin dances.

Chad and Cheryl drew a 60s jive. Interesting outfits. Love the boots on Cheryl. Mrs. Angrybell calls her outfit "Big Bird's black street walking cousin." As for the dancing, this dance suits Chad better. He is not as bouncy as I'd like to see, but when they did the kicks and flicks they were precise and sharp. His posture is a little hunched over. It was, as Len says, high energy. Straight 8s.

Niecy and Louis drew a 90s themed paso doble. Nice how she starts it reaching for the mirror ball. She does not look as comfortable with this dance. Some of the movements are not as good, as flowy as they could be for this dance. There were some nice parts to it. After how the opening looked, I was a little surprised at how well some of the open parts went. Then there were some parts that just did not flow right. And you have to give a hand to Louis for that lean move at the end. A 20 was fair. It had problems.

Erin and Maks are doing an 80s themed rumba. She's got the flash dance top with rhinestones. This being the rumba, a lot of it has to go with the hip movement. The problem here is that the way they are doing the song, its a bit up tempo for a rumba. She is trying to get the hip action, but its not coming out as much as she needs it. Her arms look fine. The problem is the hips. Its just not there in this dance. What the hell is up with these scores? A 25? That dance had some serious flaws. And it got a 25? Are they trying to force her into the final?!?!?

Anna and Evan drew the futuristic cha cha cha. Their outfits shocked, stunned and amazed Mrs. Angrybell. I wish I could remember the voice that Evan is doing there. Again, the problem is that he has no hip action. This is a problem for him. This is hard routine to talk about because it is kind of odd given the constraints that they are working with. And I have to ask, why does everyone think that future automatically mean that everyone is becoming a robot? Talk to Joss Whedon and go space cowboy maybe. Anyways, Len has my problem with this routine. The one thing that is clear: Bruno does not know his science fiction.

Anna is clearly Leeloo from Fifth Element. Ok. Score is a 26. I guess. It was just,... confusing.

Nicole and Derek drew a 50s paso doble. The opening combination just wowed me. It was so sharp. She is having a little trouble with her skirt. The rockabilly surprisingly works well for this. The music in this case ruined the routine. A better song and it would have been perfect. As it was, I can't find anything wrong. Derek is a freaking genius. And Len is giving a standing ovation. Wow. A perfect 30.

Alright, to recap: Nicole is the class of this season. She should go through to the finals. Barring a brain freeze by Derek, she should be favored to win. As for who goes home... little tougher. Evan has chinks in his armor. He does not have any sort of latin flow to him. His hips are non-existent.

Chad and Niecy came in tonight a little shakey in my opinion. Chad was on the upswing. Niecy was hanging on. They basically traded scores. Then there is Erin.

If I had to say, it will probably be Niecy going home. I just think that Erin will have enough votes to go on, even if she does find herself in the bottom two again. Chad seems to have a fan base tha thas carried him through the mid part of the season where he was under performing. If he does not get it together next week, he might be the next to go.

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