Monday, October 04, 2010

Giants Win!

What happens when you take:
- A rookie catcher
- A washed up 1st basemen that no one wanted during the offseason
- A 32 year-old 2nd basemen who recently underwent serious knee and shoulder surgeries
- A fairly chubby shortstop who was signed to a minor league deal last year because no one thought he could cut it in the big leagues anymore
- A very chubby 3rd basemen who has underachieved all year
- A left fielder who was released earlier this season and was signed to a minor league deal
- A career minor leaguer center fielder who had his breakout season as a 32 year old
- A right fielder who was released by the ROYALS!!! (Granted, everyone hates him)
- An ace who is supposedly too small to be a pitcher
- A #2 pitcher who has a career record of 57-62
- A pitcher who has a $126 million contract despite the fact that he has performed like a replacement level player over the past few years
- A pitcher who is used as trade bait every season
- A pitcher who reached the legal drinking age a month ago
- A batshit crazy closer and a bunch of no names
- The highest paid position player doesn’t even start and may not even be on the playoff roster

You win the National League West!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Angrybell finally gets to see a team I got her hooked on win something!!

Go Giants!

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