Monday, October 04, 2010

Story Night Madness (Week 3 Dancing With The Stars)

Mrs. Angrybell thought for this week: missing Edyta.

Thoughts on Brooke Burke's dress: all boobs = all good. Someone has made up with wardrobe department.

Jennifer and Derek drew the lead off slot tonight doing a samba. Wow, I wonder if Mrs. Fox is watching this show. Obviously Baby has watched this show before, because she was making references to Nicole. Good song, just never thought of it as a a Samba. Mrs. Angrybell is concerned about the shenanigans going on at the start of the song. This dance does not suit her. She is getting through it but not with nearly the style that she did the previous weeks.  However, after the break, she started to look a little better doing the dance. Of her three dances, this was her most tentative. I expect they'll get dinged by Len for not putting more of the story into the dance and keeping most of it in the breaks. Interesting, Len and I disagree with the story during the dance. But we agree that this was not her cleanest dance. And then the other judges line up to kiss her bum. And still they got a 24. Hmmm.... not sure about that.

Florence and Corky followed up that questionable bit of scoring with a Waltz to Eidelweiss. Too much mucking about. She is on her toes, no heel toe movement. Its mucking up her rise and fall. She is on beat, but she is also having some trouble and I don't know if its the costume or something else. She looks very stiff. She also keeps looking down. This is not going well for Mrs. Brady. Nice pirouette at the end. Story was nice. Mrs.Angrybell is horrified by the kissing at the end. Bruno is glossing over a lot to pick at only her flow. Len is honest and knows he's going to get it from the audience. That 20 was high. It should have topped out at an 18. But what do I know?

Kurt and Anna were the first to go from the men's side of the competition doiung the foxtrot. Nice song, Had a Bad Day. He's movement is better this week. But he is not getting the right kind of foot strikes. But his frame is mostly good. There are times he lets it go, but usually that when he is breaking hodl with her. I like that he is right there with her on the hip. And he smiled. I liked it. I'm not sure what Bruno is smoking. They got a 23.

Margaret Cho and Louis Van Amstel apparently are going to dance a samba. Otherwise, someone needs to explain that outrageous headgear. The song is Copa Cabana. Nice footwork to start the routine. She's got the boucne that Jennifer was missing.  But then she gets to the middle of the floor and it starts to lag a little bit. She danced into the corner and got lost. There are parts of this dance that go well and there are parts she looks totally lost.  I'm not sure what the story is on this one. Was there one? Who knows? Good grief, am I sharing a brain with Len? At least I'm not sharing one with Bruno tonight. Or worse, Carrie Ann. The 18 was fair, considering the inflation that is going on tonight.

Tony and that person from an MTV show took the floor next. Audrina Partridge, right have to remember that name. But for how long? This week they are doing a waltz. I'm so not used to watching Tony not with a cougar. And once again, she is still a whiner, this time about "digging really deep". Holy crud, sometimes her foot work is correct (going toe heel). Sappy, but its a waltz. If there was more smoke used, I'm not sure anyone could have seen it. 26. Hmm. Well, I dunno.

So who comes next with a tale? It would be Bristol and Mark doing a foxtrot. Mrs. Angrybell thinks that Bristol talking about abstinence si like Kat Von D speaking out against body art. Alright, there was too much of Mark alone before Bristol gets into the dance. Once they get into the foxtrot it starts to look ok. This outfit does not make her look young or attractive. Her frame is good. But the dance is not working for me. She is in nice and tighton him, but something is just missing on this one. Bruno is the outlier again. The score is a 19.

Now its time for the Maksim and Brandy train wreck. Which they are now denying that there is any problem. And to make it more interesting, they are doing a samba with a story drawn from The Bodyguard. This should be interesting. So now we know, Brandy is sensitive not weak. Good to know. She was the fist one to do her story telling at the beginning with the dance steps. Nice hip action. But she is a little flat with the rest of the movements, a little too much RB styling and not samba-esque. Don't get me wrong, there were some very nice aspects of this dance. they really made use of the entire dance area. It was good. But it missed a little something. Not sure that the 24 was right, but tonight's scoring has been odd.

Kyle and Lacey are either really uneducated or I am really old. They had no idea who the Eagles were? I hate that band, but even I know when I'm being tortured with their music. Anyways, they threw away a good song for the Waltz in exchange for one that is... eh. Who thought that Lacey looked good in this outfit? He is dancing the the routine on his toes. Good posture up top, but his rise and all is off because of his footwork. Please, Lacey, please, we do not need to see your mid-section. Just like no one needs to see mine. The story was there. The dancing was not. Ahh Len, thank you for being honest. That 23 was too high. Should have been a 20/21, but Bruno and Carrie Ann strike again.

Now here's the Situation and Karina. G-d did I just write that? So Mr. Sorrentino and Ms. Smirnoff drew a foxtrot to Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas. Ok, Karina has raided Edyta's closet. He looks a little lost but then starts to get into it. Problem is he is trying to remember everything and its causing him to think too much. Lots of missteps going on in this. He is very stiff. Mrs. Angrybell is surprised how little dancing ability he has for this. Len was right, it was bizarre. They drew a bizarre 20 to go along with the dance. Weirdness.

Rick and Cheryl danced clean up this week. Dancing the Samba. I know this song, but cant remember the name. Oh well. For a big guy, he has some hip movement. And no fear about being with his shirt open. His problem in this dance is he is trying to make himself small instead o using small steps. There is a difference and when he tries to get small, he hunches. And that makes it hard for him to get the right movements going. A 24... how do they do that when the lead dance was given a 24 but wasn't nearly as good as the other ones that scored that, or higher.

This week the men did better. If it was me, then the person going home would be a woman. To me, its either going to be Florence or Margaret. Bristol could be in jeopardy, but she showed some signs of moving forward still.

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Colby said...

I found the scoring to be a bit off as well. And the kiss. The kiss was quite creepy. I'm with Mrs. AngryBell on that one.