Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dancing With The Stars Rumors (An Outbreak of Off-Season DWTS Madness)

Well, since the last time I looked at things in DWTS-land, it seems that everything is still pretty unsettled. There will be no Lindsey Lohan. They producers still want a same-sex couple.

But one thing that has come up is Derek Hough. Looks like he wants out so that he can spend more time with his girl-friend, Cheryl Cole. Not that we didn't see this coming. He sees what his sister has done and I'm sure he has ambitions as well.

One of the more weird rumors is about Heidi Montag. The story goes that she was offered a slot but that she turned it down, claiming contractual restrictions by MTV. Maybe its true, maybe not. But I would think  someone could get a lawyer involved to find a solution. Its not like she doesn't need the money.

In a move that will probably frustrate Mrs. Angrybell, it looks like the producers are in talks with Kendra Wilkinson, one of Hef's original Girls Next Door. Both Mrs. Angrybell and myself would prefer that the producers go after either Holly or Bridget, but cest la vie.

Another couple of names that are getting tossed around are poker player Phil Helmuth and Tina Fey. Personally, Tina Fey would be great to see on DWTS, but I doubt that NBC is going to let her. I hope I'm wrong.

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