Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some Tenants Attorneys Doing Well

So one of my loyal readers wanted to know if I heard anything about landlord-tenant victories in San Francisco lately. Well after looking around a little bit I am happy to announce that two tenants were able to get some justice in the courts.

The most recent was a long term tenant represented by the Law Offices of Mary Catherine Wiederhold and the Law Offices of William E. Shapiro, recently achieved a settlement for their client in a hard fought Owner Move-In case. 

At issue was a landlord attempting to evict a long term tenant in order to move in to their unit. Although settlement numbers were not divulged, the amount was called robust in light of the long-term tenancy of their client, in addition to nearly a year of additional time to move. 

However, a bigger one, which I really should have reported sooner was the decision in the 746 Clementina case, which you may know better as the building formerly owned by the Worst Landlords. The new landlords were attempting to follow through on the Ellis Act eviction started by the Macys. Defended by Steve Collier and the other lawyers at the Tenderloin Housing Clinic, the court decided that the new owners could not Ellis the building.  

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