Monday, May 15, 2006

Biggest Non-Story of the Day

I have seen this in so many places today, and yet I wish that the reporters had spent their time doing something else. As a suggestion, maybe reporting on things that actually matter.

But no, sadly, what passes for news is that BBC made a mistake the other day. It happens. They apologized. And it wasn't as if anything that bad happened because of it.

Could it be that CNN was happy to see that BBC made a mistake? Although in all fairness to the BBC, CNN's mistake was to not reveal that they were editing their reports in order to stay in good favor with Sadam Hussein's regime.

Here's a suggestion, why not spend more time on stories that could use the additional reporters who can do more than just attend press conferences. There's some issues out there like the militarization of the U.S. Border because our government can't come up with a sane and rational policy on how to admit people into this country. But sadly, after they get done with the BBC story, I am sure that will see more about the Duke lacrosse rape case that everyone wants to try in the media instead of in a courtroom.

Maybe I should just rely on the Daly Show. Well at least these sites don't have any mention of these "stories".

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