Friday, May 05, 2006

Trial Interuptus

This has been a long, long week. I've covered two settlement conferences. I've helped prep one trial for Monday and was the back up lawyer for a second (which in hindsight I should have taken on as my own).

I know, I know, clients have to have their say over whether the trial happens or not. And whether they like the deals or not. But come on. Will some of these clients keep that righteous indignation and obstinancy going past trial call instead of taking deals which, quite frankly, are not that good for them. On the other hand, they all avoided having unlawful detainers on their record.

Thats another two incidents of trialus interruptus.

In case you're wondering how a solo can end up as the backup, I think I should add I was doing a burst of pro bono work for the VLSP. And if you happen to be standing around when something needs help, you tend to get asked to pitch in. Barring a real problem, I'm liable to say yes to most pro bono cases.

Eventually I will get back to doing paying work. For now, its kind of fun jumping in and helping others.

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