Monday, May 29, 2006


Normally, I could care less who represents me in Sacramento. I know that I should care, seeing as how the California legislature is actually closer to me than the politicians in Washington, but nevertheless I do. I think it has something to do with the fact that I'm fuzzy about what the candidates actually want to do in Sacramento.

So this year really started out no differently. From what I understand, Janet Reilly and Fiona Ma are fighting it out for a state assembly seat. Until the other day, the only thing I thought about it was that Janet Reilly reminded me of an actress who used to play the girlfriend for Harmon Rabb on JAG.

And then on Friday I recevied a political flyer in my mailbox. Normally, I toss them out immediately, but with the cover defining the word "hypocrite", I decided to read it before tossing it out.

Apparently Janet Reilly has made the environment the centerpiece of her campaign. So a group supporting Fiona Ma has struck back calling her a hypocrite. Why? Ms. Reilly seems to invest a sizeable portion of her money in pharmaceuticals. And because these companies make drugs which have apparently harmed people (e.g. Vioxx) .

So now professing to support the environment and making money has become hypocritical? Please. This is just silly. Why not debate the issues and stay away from the personal attacks? Or is that beyond a group that claims to be the leaders of California?

I want it clear. I am not endorsing or supporting either candidate. I am, however, in favor of candidates debating issues that matter and not ad hominem attacks.

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