Thursday, May 11, 2006

Could someone read what I suggested?

Probably not. This article came out earlier this week, I just have been busy and have not gotten around to writing about it.

Anyways, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors apparently did a little rethinking about how it would seek to penalize people for clearing buildings through evictions prior to enter the condominium conversion lottery process. The legislation that passed differed from the original bill.

First, it did not make the law retroactive to 1999. Instead, the law covers only those buildings wehre two evictions have occurred since May 1, 2005, or where evictions of protected tennants (basically those who are over 60 and/or have disabilities and meet certain other criteria) have occurred since May 1, 2005.

Second, if there have been more than two evictions of non-protected class tenants, the building is barred from the lottery for ten years.

A little harsher, but close to what I proposed back in April. Could someone associated with the Board of Supervisors be listening to me?

Now, I am going back to reality where they most certainly are not.

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