Friday, February 09, 2007

Can I Help?

Apparently there was a campus rally over at San Francisco State University recently. At the rally, a flag was stomped on. Someone complained. Now the people who were responsible are being brought up before a school disciplinary committee on charges that they attempted to incite violence and create a hostile environment as well as committing acts of incivility. In addition to this, the student government at SFSU has passed a resolution condemning this action. If these guys get more than just a tongue lashing about how they should play nice with others, and they end up a needing a lawyer, I'd like to offer my services.

Now, flags have been getting stomped and burned in this country and others for a long time. It's a protected form of free speech. For the university to punish students for this, I can't think of anything else to say other than its just wrong and they should know better.

The fact that it was a Hamas flag, being stomped on by SFSU College Republicans, instead of an American flag being stomped on by [insert your anti-US group].

Ugh, who thought I would take the side of FIRE and the Republicans.

But seriously, I would love to help defend this kind of action.

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