Friday, February 09, 2007

Non-Stories of the Week

Pelosi Airplane Flap - Everyone agrees, she did not ask for it. Personally, I think that they should all have to fly commercial like the rest of us unless they purchase/lease their own aircraft. No offense to my Representative in Congress, but I think if she was smart, she would never use a government aircraft unless it was a true emergency.

NASA Astronaut's Kidnapping Plot and Diaper Usage
- Why does every mainstream "news" organization think I need to know about some love triangle?

Anna Nicole Smith - Someone tried telling me she was a cultural icon. If this what passes for a cultural icon these days, its time to retire the concept.

What I would like to know about is what the hell we are doing to deal with some of the actual problems going on out there.

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Sunny said...

I checked the definition of icon and, indeed, Anna Nicole Smith could be thought of as an icon. This is supported by the broader definition found in number 4 below. If however, you viewed an icon only as definitions 1 and 2, then she certainly couldn't be characterized as such. (She could also probably be an icon under definition 3 - but only to a true fan or stalker.)

1. image of holy person: a holy picture, carving, or statue of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, or a saint, especially an oil painting on a wooden panel, of a type revered in the Eastern Orthodox churches

2. somebody famous for something: somebody or something widely and uncritically admired, especially somebody or something symbolizing a movement or field of activity
the all-time rock'n'roll icon

3. picture on computer screen: a small image on a computer screen that represents something such as a program or device, that is activated by a mouse click
Open the program by clicking on its icon.

4. recognizable symbol: a picture or symbol that is universally recognized to be representative of something

5. sign: a word or sign that stands for something else, e.g. the Roman numeral "II" representing the number two