Friday, February 23, 2007

My Wife Puts Up With A Lot

Really she does.

For example, today I started working on this appellate brief (not the one previously mentioned, I am still waiting on the opening brief). I took this job from another solo who needed help and he has liked my work so far. So now I get to opening brief on a case dealing with res judicata and cross-complaints, but to me its the Bug Man Case.

As I am working on the Bug Man Case brief, I get a message that someone needs representation at trial on Monday from the local pro bono group. And this case is really quirky and interesting. Plus, it has the added benefit that the other side is saying that there are to be no deals. Either he is out by trial date or they will go to verdict on it.

I sooooo want to take this case. It looks like fun. But I have to finish the brief. And my wife gets to watch me do this, laughing because I probably look like I did when I was back in elementary school and I had to do my homework instead of something more fun... like playing D&D or something.

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