Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Interesting Lawsuit.

Rick Norsigian just got sued in Federal court by the Ansel Adams Trust. All for using something he picked up at a garage sale.

What makes this so interesting? And why are they suing him?

Apparently Rick Norsigian went to a garage sale a few yearsback. There he picked up some glass plate negatives. When he got them home, he realized what he had bought: some lost Ansel Adams negatives. Eventually, he came forward and said so.

And the Ansel Adams people looked at him skeptically. The grandson of Ansel Adams, Matthew Adams, even came out and stated

"Mr. Norsigian has been claiming these negatives were made by Ansel Adams for many years,...I am unaware of anyone knowledgeable agreeing with him."

Well, some people apparently do agree with Mr. Norsigian. Actually, a bunch of experts who studied the negatives and came to the conclusion that they were Adams' work. So Mr. Norsigian is putting on a show of the "lost" Ansel Adams pictures and selling prints.

So what does the Ansel Adams Trust do?

Why they sue him. For selling the pictures he prints off the negatives. Although they are doing it in a slightly sneaky way. They are going after him for calling them Ansel Adams' work.

Going to be interesting to see how this works out.

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