Monday, August 30, 2010

Madness Has Been Announced

ABC finally announced the cast for Dancing With The Stars Tonight. This season there will be:
Michael Bolton (Singer)
Margarte Cho (Comedian/Actress)
Rick Fox (Retired NBA Forward)
Jennifer Grey (Baby Who Is Never In The Corner)
David Hasselhoff (Like you don't know? Don't hassell the Hoff)
Florence Henderson (Mrs. Brady)
Kyle Massey (Someone who is alleged to be an actor. And a Rapper. A Disney rap star.)
Brandy Norwood (RB Singer)
Bristol Palin (Sarah's daughter. Famous for having a child with a d-bag)
Audrina Partridge (The Hills)
Mike Sorrentino ("The Situation" that gives Italians a bad name)
Kurt Warner (Retired NFL Quarterback)
Now this is an interesting cast for a couple of reasons. Partly because there is no clear favorite in my opinion.

In case you forget, my rule of thumb is if there is an Olympian, bet them. They just get it. There are no models, so no easy outs (e.g. Kathy Ireland, Paulina Porizskova). There have been some pro-sports greats that have gone deep (e.g. Jerry Rice, Emmett Smith). However, there have been some pro-sports greats that have stunk up the joint (e.g. Clyde "The Glide" Drexler).

As far as the entertainers go, we have some singers, but neither of them are really known for their dancing. Florence Henderson, actually, might have the most dance background on the list as she used to be in Broadway musicals. Of course, that was like forty years ago.

With this cast, I think, at least for the men, I am going to go with the Osmond rule and make David Hasselhoff the favorite for now. He's a performer. Is he in Donny and Marie's league, I have no idea yet, but we'll find out. For the women, I'm going to say Brandy. Of course, when we see pairings, we'll know more about who to favor.

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