Saturday, January 27, 2007

Let Me See If I Have This Right

You agree to provide someone with the means to defend themself. And then when they are actually attacked, and some of their family is kidnapped in the course of the attack. While defending themselves, and trying to get their family members back, they use the means provided for the defense. And when all is said and done, do you then complain about what they did and punish them for doing it?

Apparently you do if you are the Bush Administration.

It seems that Israel, while trying to end rocket attacks on its northern cities (that would be places wehre people live and try and go about their business just like they do all across the U.S.), had the temerity to use weapons which the U.S. sold it. Weapons it sold to Israel to help her defend herself. Weaposn it used to attack positions used by Hezbollah to launch rocket attacks on Israel. Locations which supplied the men who kidnapped two IDF soldiers from Israeli territory.

Remind me, isn't it a center piece of the Bush doctrine to support democracies that fight against terrorism?

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