Thursday, January 25, 2007

Still Hiding

I like how President Carter is trying to avoid facing up to what he has done. He is doing the least amount possible to try and look like he has not changed sides to take up the cause of terrorists.

This week, Carter appeared at Brandeis University. However, instead of appearing to debate and defend his ideas, he appeared at an event closed to the public. All the questions were pre-screened. To his credit, he did allow questions asking why his foundation took Saudia Arabia. However, he apparently failed to answer the second part of the question: why had he, or his foundation, never criticized Saudia Arabia for their human rights abuses.

Still, he had a chance to put his ideas to a test. But like virtually all modern "statesmen", he refused. Its shame that this country has gone from a place where leaders were unfraid to confront the most contentious questions of the day in head to head debate, and have now retreated to sniping, and then only owning up to their actions in controlled, private events.

As far as what he said, it is interesting. He admits in an interview that he wrote every word, that there was no one else involved in the writing of the book. However, he says he is being misunderstood for a poor word choice that makes it appears that he supports the continuation terrorism against Israel until Israel unilaterally does everything the Arabs demand. And that the passage in question, on page 213, will be left out of future editions.

Let's see, that has been promised by someone else. Who else promised to take out passages from future editions of something to renouncing the use of terror? That's right, it would have been Yasser Arafat. Worked out real well.

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