Friday, January 26, 2007

Why Isn't the AAJ condemning this?

Or for that matter, the CAOC? The AAJ, otherwise known as the American Association for Justice (formerly known as the American Trial Lawyers Association), and CAOC, otherwise known as the Consumer Attorneys of California, have not made any comment that I have been able to find. However, yesterday, the misnamed CJAC (Civil Justice Association of California) sent a letter to the State Bar of California requesting the bar investigate Brayton Purcell in general and Chris Andreas in particular for their roles in the Ohio scandal.

Its clear from Judge Hanna's order that Brayton Purcell, and its partner Andreas, were caught lying to the court. Aggressive advocacy is one thing. Standing up for a person who has been injured through the almost criminal actions of the asbestos industry is a good thing. But to lie and deceive the court is wrong and no one in the bar should condone it.

So why have the organizations which support the concept of true civil justice for consumers and those injured by the acts of others been more outraged by this? In one fell swoop, the Brayton Purcell firm seems to have given the tort-reformers their very own Willie Horton. The AAJ, CAOC and the State Bar of California should be doing more than just reading the headlines on this one.

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