Tuesday, May 01, 2007

At What Point Does the Bush Administration Realize He Is A Bozo?

I am serious.

If you believe him, he has no recollection of participating in the firing of 8 U.S. Attorneys. Of course, his aides remember that he did. So... either he has no control over the hiring and firing of his top subordinates or he just does not want to own to be doing it.

His handling of the firing has been so bad, that it has caused Republicans to agree with Democrats that he should go. I think I may now need to start using my toes to count the number of things that these two parties have agreed upon during Bush's terms of office.

Now we have Gonzales appointing U.S. Attorneys to districts he never intends the U.S. Attorney to work. What am I talking about? Apparently, after firing other U.S. Attorneys for not being in their territory enough (though some have said it was for other reasons), the U.S. Attorney for the district of Montana has apparently been exempted from this rule. The U.S. Attorney for the District of Montana is a gentleman by the name of William Mercer.

However, Mercer's primary job is not overseeing prosecutions of federal criminal charges or defending U.S. interests in civil action in his district. Apparently, it is serving as the Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General. Prior to that he was serving as the Assistant Attorney General for the Department’s Office of Legislative Affairs. This meant it was his job to shepherd legislation through the U.S. Congress.

Now, understandably, the U.S. District Chief Judge Donald W. Molloy wanted to know where the U.S. Attorney was. Our Attorney-General answered him that Mr. Mercer was in compliance with the law. The only thing was, he was going to be in compliance since the law was in the process of being changed. App

But that is neither here nor there really. What I find really interesting is that the Bush Administration, and Gonzalez in particular seems to say one things and do another. If the position of Attorney General is viewed as being so important that you have to have the right people there, then why do you not have the right people there? Is Gonzales saying that there is no one else who can kowtow and prosecute (since it appears that is what is called for to be a U.S. Attorney)?

Of course, since Gonzales is living up to his reputation as Bush's yes-man, what more could we have expected from him?

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