Monday, May 21, 2007

Finally the purpose of the UN discovered...

Apparently it is to negotiate cease fires to prevent governments from rooting out terrorist groups in its midsts. At least, that seems to be what is going in Lebanon.

The Lebanese government, finally coming to the conclusion that allowing terrorist groups to remain within its territory is not a good policy if it wants to actually rebuild itself after years of civil war, began a campaign against one of the terrorist groups making its home within Lebanon's borders.

Yes, it appears to be only one group. But if we discourage them now, then they will go back to not caring. And that means Israel has to do the job. And since it is clear that Lebanon (as well as virtually anyone who is either a) Islamic or b) kowtowing to Islamic interests) does not appreciate Israel's efforts to rid southern Lebanon of terrorist groups, we are back to supporting Lebanon. Yes, it is like having a Bush regulate the oil industry, but baby steps.

In any event, now that Lebanon has gone on the offensive against a terrorist group (in this case Fatah al-Islam, which has been linked with Al Qaeda), the U.N. wants a cease fire. The UN, officially, has control over the camps where the fighting is taking place. Officially, the camps are not supposed to be bases for violence. Of course that does not stop the terrorists from using the camps as bases of operation against or from firing on government troops.

So rather than be part of the solution and allowing the government to clear out the terrorists from the camps, the UN wants a cease fire. A cease fire which can only benefit the terrorists.

Good job UN, showing your true colors once again.

At least in Israel, it looks like the Arabs are starting to run out of rockets. According to Israellycool, there have only been 3 rocket attacks during the latest day of the current bombardment of Israel's civilian population. Could it be because Israel has using its military to strike back at the launching sites or because Israelly stopped targetting those trying to kill its people, like it did when it withdrew from the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and Southern Lebanon?

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