Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Yes, Its Time For More Dancing With The Stars Talk

Most Underserved Score of the Week: Laila and Max's Samba

I'm sorry, compare this supposedly perfect Samba with say... by Stacy Keibler.

Or Mario's...

I think I understand why they are inflating Laila's scores. She is the only female star left and they want to keep her on. Now, not to slander (or more correctly libel) her dancing, but the dances she did were not worth those scores.

Most Underserved Save of the Week: Billy Ray and Karina. When will the madness end!!!!!! Is this the revenge of American Idol? Now that Sanjay is off, they are working on having the worst in the finals? I would much rather have watches Edyta and John Ratzenberger (who can dance as opposed to Billy Ray watching Karina do all the work.

Please, do Karina a favor, put her out of her misery and stop voting for Billy Ray.

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