Sunday, March 09, 2008


Ok. So I am putting this up so that Mrs. Angrybell does not take it upon herself to start blogging herself. I just don't think that I could handle it. I can see it now, all the stupid things I say... plus all the really geek-tastic things I like...

But enough about that...

So today a special strike force hit the Law Offices of the AngryBell. At around noon today, the office resembled:

In more than four hours of fierce windexing, pledging, and a lil old fashion paper tossing, the state of paper in the office has been brought under control. Over the next few days, the bulk of the closed files should be moved to their lovely new off-site storage facility.

Now, the confession part of all this is what my wife discovered. I have, to put it nicely, forgotten to cash some checks for work I have done. Some of the time its because I do not realize that I have gotten paid. Other times its because my office organization is ... well... unique in a fun and exciting way.

Then again, her rationale for why I am so bad with money is that I am more concerned with the intellectual challenge of being a lawyer rather than being a good businessman. Seeing as how I would like to buy a house someday, I think I need to get this business thing down a lil better.

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