Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Part Two of This Season's Dancing With the Stars Start

1. Shannon Elizabeth... not Stacey Keibler, but something about her makes me think that she could learn to be better. Mrs. Angrybell's comment was simple, "Get some bigger boobs."

2. Monica Seles... Jonothan pulled a Tucker Carlson there. Good call not letting her dance for the first half of it. Seriously tho, this audience is smaller than your average Grand Slam final ... just use that concentration. Try grunting a few times... Mrs. Angrybell's comment "It could have sucked worse."

3. Marissa Janet Winokur... well it appears that the costumers had to pimp someone out (as Mrs. Angrybell noted "Usually its the girls that get skanked out.") there and it looks like its the guy in your partnership. On the other hand, she has personality and showman-ship, but I have to agree with Carrie and Bruno. Len, I have to disagree with since she seemed to be having trouble with the basics on this one. Mrs. Angrybell had this to say about this "I have no room to talk, but the thought on Tony's mind when he saw her was 'no lifts'." Alright, so Mrs. Angrybell may not be totally PC, but you have to admit, the look on Tony's face when he saw who his partner was .... was priceless. (And shame on people for not putting up video of her!!!)

4. Priscilla Presley... 62 and starting off like that, it makes up for the scary amount of plastic surgery that it looks like she has gone through. She just needs to get a lil more comfortable with performing. For a first week foxtrot, that standing O was deserved.

5. Kristi Yamaguchi... Fluid, grace and a lift! (Carrie Anne!!! I am so disappointed in you that you let it go.) She made Priscilla's dance look sloppy. Mark is probably thinking: this is my reward for being screwed by the viewers last season.

6. Marlee Matlin... She moved well. She stayed in rhythm. I just think she may end up having a problem with her partner.

"Gound-breaking double elimination"? Are we kidding? That is what passes for ground breaking?

Overall, I think the women look stronger than the guys this season. Kristi Yamaguchi looks like the early favorite to win it all in my opinion. From the guys, her strongest competition will be Jason Taylor... if anyone who is not a Miami Dolphins fan votes for him. Mario might, but he has some posture problems that may come back to haunt him. From the women, Kristi has to hope that Priscilla can't relax and that Shannon Elizabeth doesn't realize that she can dance.

Anyways, that's how I see it.

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