Monday, March 31, 2008

What Were They Smoking?

So while watching Dancing with The Stars this week, I was left wondering, "What the hell were the judges smoking?"

Case in point: Shannon Elizabeth. Now I liked her the previous two weeks, but the dance this week was just a mess from my perspective. It was not precise. It looked like she was lost half the time and that her partner was dragging her back to a routine that might have been too difficult for her. Plus... is she a heavy smoker or does she just never do any cardio?

Now, Shannon Elizabeth was complaining that its hard because her legs are so long. Well she is 5'9" according to Well, Stacey Keibler is 5'11". Here is what her dance looked like:

Doesn't look like her long legs were causing her any problems.

And then Carrie went and called Adam Carolla sexy. My ears are still bleeding.

Then to top it all off, they went after Winokur like she was the anti-christ! Excuse me, where is the fairness in the way she was treated as compared to the way they have treated Marlee Maitlin last week. Of course, as Mrs. AngryBell pointed out, this could have been spillover from last season when Tony handed Carrie the rules on lifts so....

All that's left to be said is Mark Ballas has the same problem as last year: another partner who goes exactly where he tells her to, when he wants her to. Now as I'm sure Karina Smirnoff will tell him, that's just a terrible problem to have. Now all he has to worry about is that Edyta won't be able to finish her project in Jason Taylor.

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