Sunday, March 16, 2008

Could This Be A Sign Of The Chronicle's Agenda?

So the headline reads "The Forgotten War" on today. And the article it leads to, written by Carl Nolte, seems to focus almost exclusively on the fact that there has been a lack of protests against the war.

Seems like the only time the Chronicle likes to print anything about the war in Iraq is to announce new death totals. I could be wrong. But then again, I tend to go to on a daily basis. Seems like the Chronicle only likes the war when it is something to rail against.

There are three options, in my opinion, when it comes to the war. First, support it by taking the position that it has be seen through to the end. Second, oppose it and demand an immediate removal of all U.S. troops. Third, try and work for something more positive that does not betray our soldiers or the people who we have, by our nation's actions, made our responsibility.

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