Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - Delayed

So here are my thoughts on the first night of Dancing with the Stars:

1. How did Kym Johnson not end up with a groin pull from Penn yanking her all over the place?

2. Jason Taylor, you were robbed. Carrie, Bruno, what were you thinking giving Jason the same scores you gave to Cristian De La Fuente?

3. Cristian De La Fuente, yes you may be hot... you may be a pilot in the Chilean Air Force... you may be the next thing after sliced bread, but stop looking terrified out there. When Penn can look more at ease dancing, you have to rethink things. Besides, you have Cheryl Burke as your partner. She will frakking carry your worthless feet if you just let her call the shots.

4. Adam... yes, it is humiliating... but please... don't make it that humiliating. But at least you aren't Billy Ray.

5. Mario, you know why Karina had to get the surgery? You know why she had the shell shocked look last season? Right now she is thanking her stars that she has you. Please dont make her regret it.

6. Steve Guttenberg... all I can say is I think the Stonecutters are back at work. And stand up straight. That goes for Mario too come to think of it.

Overall, of the men, Taylor looks like he could be the cream of crop... if he isn't brought down by the judges not watching him. Mario is the male version of last season's Cheetah Girl.

Now I have to get through the tivo of the women.

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