Monday, October 06, 2008

I Missed It Last Week.... My Dancing With The Stars Thoughts

Susan Lucci... should be better dammit! I mean seriously, she looks hesitant. She looks lost. Yes, the ankle was hurt (maybe), but come on. Would Erica Kane let herself be this hesitant? A dissappointment. Unless she stops being so timid, she needs to go, fans or no. Those sevens were a little too high.

Lance Bass... acts like he thinks he is Mario Lopez. Mario Lopez could break the rules because he and Karina were that good as a couple (even if they did get hosed by the fan voting). Then we get to the dance. It was,... not fluid. Cant say it better than that, but the rise and fall just wasn't there. Carrie-Ann was obviously not watching this, because her comments were off the mark. 22 seems a little high, but then Carrie Ann had to give points to him that she wouldn't normally give to Tony.

Maurie Green... I don't like him, but I thought it was better than the previous two. This also shows why Cheryl has won twice: she clearly changed the routine to play to his strength. Max would have pushed for his original concept and his partner would have suffered for it. So it looks like another week of his inane rhyming. The score was right, even with the normal inflation that goes on.

Rocco Dispirito... He's still on? Oh yeah. Uneven. Sometimes, it looked right, sometimes it went all wrong. But then again, with that song it was hard. But ya gotta love the sunglasses on Len. I hate to admit it, but I was agreeing with Carrie Ann on this one: he showed significant improvement. 20 was about right.

Warren Sap... Props for pulling off the raspberry suit and pink shirt. And like Bruno says, it was "Big Smooth And Beautiful". How can he be that big and move that lightly? And shame on Bruno for only going to 8.

Cody Linley.. enough with air guitar on her leg. Seriously, I think he thought he was playing Rock Band instead of dancing. Also, dont make it so that Julianne has to back lead it so blantantly. Personally, I would have given them more sixes than sevens.

Toni Braxton... good. Not Sapp good, but better than Lance Bass. And who hated her enough to put her in that outfit. My one criticism was that she looked tentative through much of it. There were times when it looked good, but there were times when it did not look right (but that might have been by design because of the arrangement for the song). 22 was probably right.

Cloris Leachman.... as Mrs. AngryBell said "What the hell?!?!?!?!?!?!" Was the hair thing on purpose? On the other hand, she does know how to work the crowd. The 16 was, well generous.

Brooke Burke... Derek needs to learn how to communicate better. If he is smart, he will take a page from Cheryl when it comes to bring along her partners. Brooke Burke always looks like she is committing to the dance with him, even where other contestants are loking hesitant with their partners. Then of course, there was the shameless use of her kid in the act. I disagree with the "best dance of the season" title that Len handed her (since I think Sapp's waltz earlier was just a little bit better). I can see the reason for the 28, but I think that calls into question Sapp's score.

Mysti May-Treanor... fate is a fickle mistress.

Update on my picks:

Favorites- Sapp and Burke

Middle of the Pack- Toni Braxton, Cody Linley, and Cloris Leachman

Needs to go - Maurice Green, Lance Bass, and Rocco Dispirito

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