Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thoughts on Dancing With The Stars This Week

Tough week from the looks of it. I've been out of sorts getting back to level after a wee bit of vacation, hence why I was not indulging in my typical posts about DWTS.

I really liked Toni Braxton. I figured she would have had more of a built in fan base than Maurice Green, who in my opinion is not very good and very, very annoying.

The judging this week seemed a little schizo. Cody Linley walks off with well earned scores, but it seems like Warren Sapp gets punished for going earlier in the evening. From my less than professional dancer judgment, it looked like he did a superb job, but it was not quite reflected in his scores.

On the other hand, the judges got it dead on with Lance Bass. It was not his fault, it was his professional's fault. It was almost like his partner was channelling the worst aspects of Maksim by choreographing something that showed off too much of her and not enough of Bass. Should Bass be better? Well, maybe he just is not. He certainly is no Joey Fatone.

So where does this elimination leave the competition? I think its pretty clear that Brooke Burke right now in the lead. She's not Kristi Yamaguchi, but damned if she isn't doing a pretty good impersonation of her ability to always hit her marks.

Even though his scores did not reflect it, I think Warren Sapp is breathing down her neck. He's a big man. He moves so lightly on his feet and has yet to look like he's been lost in any of his dances.

After a number of weeks of being a snarky immature boy, Cody Linely has stepped up to become a snark, immature guy. Will he be able to string together another good performance or is he going to fall back to being that guy strumming Julianne Hough's leg again and being a spaz? On the other hand, actors do not tend to do that well in making it to the finals. I suspect that Len would say it has something to do with them lacking the welly to be trained properly like the atheletes.

Cloris is hanging in there, and I suspect she will until we get down to the final four or five. She's just too funny to get rid of at this point. Susan Lucci is there, now with the sympathy vote thing for her bum foot. She will hang around for a bit, but really, does she deserve to? I mean, the judges gave her some good scores saying that they have seen "Erica Kane", but I have not. She always seems a bit lost out there in the sense she is too worried about going wrong and not worried about doing well. Then there is Lance. Either he turns it around this week or I suspect he is going to be going home.

And will people please stop voting for Maurice Green? Really. Please. I mean it.

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