Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let The Mocking Continue

Remember former Administrative Law Judge Roy Pearson from D.C.?

Perhaps you might remember his loss: a pair of pants.

Or more likely, the lawsuit he brought against the cleaners for a whopping $67.3 million (later reduced to the more reasonable demand of $54 million) for said lost pair of pants?

Well in case you missed, he went to trial on this case back in June 2007. Predictably, since the majority of his claims are, well, outrageous, he lost. Like any good lawyer, Pearson took his case to a higher authority and appealed the court's judgment.

Judging by the report of the Washington Post, it does not look like the District of Columbia Court of Appeals is any more receptive to his arguments than the trial court was. One of the panel was quoted as asking, after hearing Pearson's argument, "Where is the fraud?"

So let there be another couple of months of mocking (between 2 and 4 according to the Post).

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