Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Latest (Crusade?) Case

So I'm doing another case. Surprise, I'm an attorney.

The facts of this case right now are really important. This could be a case about actual rubber dog doo.

Anyways, what I'm doing now is writing a reply for a motion which I should have already won. Unfortunately, the Court decided to give my opposing counsel a chance to recover from their own self-inflicted mistake.

Thanks Court.

But now I am reading the documents to which I am replying. And I have come to a couple of conclusions. First, opposing counsel, despite being a native of this country and allegedly having graduated from a couple of institutions of higher education, and having passed the California State Bar Exam, has only a passing acquaintance with the English language. Second, I don't think that this attorney has any idea how to properly use the "(sic)".

Third, if I win this case, I am sending them a copy of this.

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