Monday, October 27, 2008

An interesting thing in the polls

Since poling seems to drive our every decision in politics, I was taking a look at one of the daily tracking polls. Over at Investor's Business Daily, they have a break down of their latest poll which shows the election as being pretty close if it happened today: Barak Obama with 47% and John McCain with 44.2%. The margin of error was listed at +/-3.5%. Statistically, the race is a dead heat.

What I found interesting in the poll was that the more education a person, the closer the numbers got. The largest gap was 51% for Senator Obama against the 40% for Senator McCain. However, for those with college degrees or better, the two candidates split the vote evenly with each having the allegiance of 47%.

Of course, this does not mean that much, since it would appear that the latest polls, when translated to how this would break down for the electoral college. According to Rasmussen, there polling indicates that the if the election were held today, Senator Obama would win with 286 electoral votes to 174 for Senator McCain.

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