Monday, May 18, 2009

Dancing With The Stars (Finals, Paso and Freestyle)

The Group Paso
Shawn looked ... not aggressive. The problem is that in this dance, she needs to look aggressive. It was good. It just, lacked a little something.

Melissa... one wrong step just killed that one for you. Up until just near the end, it was nice, hard, and looking good. Then there was that misstep.

Giles, as MRs. Angrybell says, looked like Elvis. He was in teh dance character the most. Plus, Cheryl did a slight bit better choreography for this one.

Giles took this one, but not by that much. Had Melissa not had the little misstep which then took her out of her zone, she would have tied him.

The Freestyle

Again, Shawn and Mark were up first. It was fun. But to me, it wasn't wow. It was fun. There were some nice tricks. Very good. But not stellar. Even though the judges gushed.

Melissa and Tony. If she is going to win, Tony needs to push her. Will he? Ok, this was better choreography than his last go round in the finals. Mrs. Angrybell had an observation. This was that its not just the tricks, its how everything flows together. There was a lot tricks. The bridge from each trick was where it broke down a little. And it was reflected in their scores. They got a 27.

Giles and Cheryl were in the three spot. Cheryl somehow bribed someone to get a the best song of the night. And then she pissed it all away. It was like Cheryl decided she was going to rip off Tony's choreography from seasons past. It was so freakin' safe. It was clean. But there was no wow factor. Yes, there were couple of lifts, but nothing special. I agree with Bruno, the peformance was great, but there was no pay-off. Cheryl, what happened? If Giles doesn't get the win, its for this dance. Giles hit the marks, but Cheryl did not give him a wow enough for the freestyle.

Even though I did not liek Shawn's freestyle, it was clearly, to me, the best of the night.

The question is how will the voting go? This is a bit of a mess at the end.

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