Friday, May 08, 2009

Dancing With The Stars Recap

Yes, I know, I haven't been blogging it like I used to. Been busy. That work thing.

First I have to apologize to all you who voted out there. Thank you for finally ditching the loser of the bunch! I can safely say I have never been so happy to see the backside of Julianne as when Chuck got voted off two weeks ago. Sanity and order returned to the universe.

Then there was this week. I am still a bit shocked. I know that intellectually, it might even make sense. I am sure that if you probably pulled the demographics, they will show that the audience is not necessarily inclined to vote for Lil Kim. But with the way she had been dancing, and I think, just as importantly, the way she had been behaving on the show, that should have merited a bit of consideration from the audience.

Seriously. What. Were. You. Thinking. Voting. Her. Off?

Don't get me wrong, I love watching Ty dance. The man has committed himself fully to this competition. He just is not good enough to be in the final four. The fact that Chelsea has gotten him this far is, in my opinion, a minor miracle. He has, to my knowledge, no foundation in dance in general or ballroomin particular. I would be willing to bet he probably has some injuries that make this difficult. He is clearly, and painfully, an introvert. Which makes it hard, and sometimes painful to watch.

And you know he did this just because his wife begged him to saying "C'mon honey, it'll be fun to do it together." At a certain point, you have to let this guy slink back to the shadows where he so wants to be, with his wife. I like him, but really, he needs to go back to audience seats and appreciate that he was the Cinderalla at this big dance.

Now about the state of things in general. The front runner is clearly Giles and Cheryl. However, they are not putting any real distance between themselves and the rest of the pack when it comes to showing that they deserve to be. Yes, they got good scores this past week. However, I was watching it, and felt completely underwhelemed. Are they pacing themselves, viewing this past week as a cruise week while they secretly build for what is to come, husbanding their strength and avoiding further injury?

I hope so. Otherwise, the semifinal and final are going to be a snoozers. Cheryl has won this twice. I think everyone has come to expect a certain level from her when it comes to choreography. Giles is apparently up to it. Let's see the front runers act like it.

At this point, second place and making a charge of it is Melissa and Tony. It was a nice bounce back from last week's injury. The question for her is really how much stress can those ribs take.

If they can't take it, Tony is not going to be able to put her through the more rigorous choreography he needs to use to avoid a repeat of Stacy Keibler.

And since it looks like it will be Cheryl in the final against Tony, I think he should remember how well that fared against her Save a Horse routine.

Then we have Shawn Johnson. When this started, I thought she was going to hang in close and then pull it out at the end. However, she seems to be fading more. The last few dances have just not worked for her. It is not that she lacks the ability. Its that she is unable to cut loose and enjoy herself, or at least appear to enjoy it. Whenever she is in a flirty/sultry latin dance, she becomes a bit hesitant, tenative. She does well in the jive and the smooth dances where she can be a lady. But it is clear that she is not comfortable with the sensaul side of herself. She needs to find that, or she is going to be watching the finals from the audience seats next to the stars of whatever show ABC wants to promo this week.

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