Friday, May 29, 2009

It's An Old Joke Among Jews

And you might even need to be Jewish in order to get it. The joke goes like this:

A young boy in 1927 comes running into his family's store in New York. Babe Ruth has just hit his 60th homerun and the boy says to his grandfather, "Zayde, zayde, Babe Ruth just hit 60 home runs!" The grandfather looks up from what he is doing and strokes his beard. He thinks for a moment and then says, " But is it good for the Jews?"

Why am I putting that weird little joke up? Well, because of actions which the President took today.

It has been announced that the Obama Administration is holding up Israel's purchases of AH-64D Longbow Apache helicopters. The reason? Because Israel will not kowtow to every demand that President Obama is deigning to make. The Obama Administration is dressing this up a as something else, that it is not targetting Israel specifically.

But let's call a spade a freaking shovel here. That is exactly what the Obama Administration is doing.

Now, I am sure that there are few people in my locality, who are not Jewish themselves, that give a damn about whether Israel has the means to defend itself. I am sure more than a few, if they bother to read about it (since it deals with evil military hardware), will celebrate it.

Because after all, all "right thinking" "peace-loving" "liberal" people "know" that Israel is an "apartheid state" which oppresses the "poor", "disenfranchised", "downtroddened" Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Right?

The Obama Administration has, since taking office, started to turn away from Israel. Israel has been the one who has been called on to halt its actions. Pressure is being turned on Israel when it does not comply, as in this case. However, what is the Obama Administration doing to the terrorist groups actually running the West Bank and Gaza?

Has the Obama Administration made calls, backedup with anything, to force Hamas to comply with the Oslo agreements? Has either the PLO or Hamas lost any of their funding from the EU or the United States despite their continuing support of terrorist groups?

I've looked. I cannot see anything more than words.

I think we are starting to see, at least for Israel what the Obama election means.

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Colby said...

I think it's interesting that he continues to do this - I guess I'd call it - selective tolerance. Sort of like Nancy Pelosi's long stance against China's negligence toward human rights, yet when she was there in China, she said/did nothing. Interesting group we've got running the show.