Friday, May 08, 2009

Macy Update (the Landlords From Hell, Not the Chain)

Doing my weekly sweep for news on what is happening with the Kip and Nicole Macy trial, I came across two articles from the SFWeekly. Apparently, all may not be well in the utopia that is the Macy marriage.

First, they're filing for bankruptcy. This is a bummer since it means that his tenants will almost certainly not be able to recover from the alleged hell they put them through. Then again, I suppose its good since all this has punished them to the point of bankruptcy. Still... I like it when the civil case tips them over. Yeah, I'm a ghoul in that regard. Deal with it.

Second, the Macy marriage itself is rumored to be on its last legs. People are pointing to the fact that every time the duo ends up in jail, that Kip bails himself out, but leaves his wife to sit in lockup. The criminal lawyer for Nicole is denying the rumors, but then again, he would have to deny it for a variety of reasons (say better negotiating leverage in a plea deal for his client comes to mind).

All in all, nothing has really changed. The trial is still coming up. No word on the decision from the motions that were filed


Anonymous said...

Bell -
Any more word on their divorce proceedings or the case?

Do you know where these statements came from? If I didn't know better I'd think that they're just more stuff the ADA made up to claim that they're a flight risk.

AngryBell said...

Wish I did. All my info comes from what I find online in this case.