Monday, April 05, 2010

Its Madness Time - Dancing With The Stars

Mrs. Angrybell has the initial observation: Brooke Burke likes nice. Like really nice. Like she slipped the wardrobe department an envelope stuffed with twenties to make sure they never did to her what they did to Samantha Harris on a regular basis the last two seasons.

Its drama night. Or story night. Or whatever they are calling the theme tonight. The only downside of the opening number was the fact that Lacey Schwimmer made an appearance. Thankfully, she did not open her mouth to speak.

Up first are Evan and Anna doing the quickstep. This week may kill Len, because I foresee a lot of messing about before the dancing really starts. Mrs. Angrybell says "What a happy little gay dude, but not a pansy. That Lance Bass gave gay dudes a bad name" He is working this dance. Nice, peppy, joi de vive (that was Mrs. Angrybell). Couldn't tell about the footwork but it looked good. A 26. Not sure it was that good, maybe straight 8s.

Buzz and Ashley doing a waltz. Buzz is a super-cerebral guy, something I never would have thought. I really hate critiquing him since he is so old. So what I am doing to say is that he is trying hard. A 13. It was brutal but ... deserved.

Chelsea and Jake doing a quickstep. To "Walk Like An Egyptian". Interesting. Jake is whiner. Shut up and do what she says. Personally, I think Chelsea is too easy on him. But he thinks she is being "disrespectful"? What a wuss. Grow up, grow a pair, and learn the routine. This is an eh routine. Footwork apepars to be a bit of amess and he is staing up on his toe stoo much. Plus, there was too much messing about, seriously. It took them too long to get to the start of the dance. I was hoping she would leave him in the sarcophogus but damn if he slink out. The 21 was a little on the generous side for my tastes.

Niecy and Louis were, hopefully, going to wash the taste of Jake out of our mouths. Touching little moment between the two of them. Then on to the waltz. I like that Louis gets them into the dance quickly and uses that to tell the story rather than all the mucking about before they get into hold. Mrs. Angrybell is not happy with Niecy's lack of gliding. I'm thinking its not great, but its getting better. Looks like the lift police is going to make an appearance. Part of Niecy's problem is she is not getting the heel toe movement which is hurting her rise and fall. But then that spin is really pretty. Nice little story. Going to take some hits for her lack of rise and fall (aka glide). The 21 was not generous, in fact it was low. There should have been at least one 8 in there. It was better than Jake's mess and more daring.

Doing a paso doble were Chad and Brooke. Chad knows about coming back from bad games... he's played for Cincinnati for a few years. This guy is honest at tiems. I like how he comes right out and says its humbling to realize he is not automatically good after being good in football. I like the song. There are times in the beigngin he is not as crisp as he should be. Btu he has the character down perfectly and its nice little story going on here. His footwork, not so good. But the paso is hard to do. And was Mrs. Brady in the back-row near the fishbubble thing? And I love the Tony and Jonothan doing the three amigos thing. The 20 was bogus. I understand he did some sbad stuff with the posture but overall it was a good run. Better than Jake. Maybe its just that Jake was so over rated. Shocker.

Following this was Pamela and her partner whose name I can't remember (Damian?) with another paso. Can we please take out the PETA crap please? No bulls will be hurt in this dance. I promise! Can someone people explain how Pamela got less votes than Kate Goselin. And the dance is on. She needs to look up more. Her feet seem to be going right, but her hands are nto and this important in this dance, since she is cape. Her arms start to get better, but she is not getting them to full extension. She looks a little lost in the open, but recovers. Even lost, she looks in character. Her main problem in this is that she keeps lookign down while in hold. She neesds to keep that head up. Alright a 21, not what I would give her but in light of overscoring on Jake, its right for tonight.

Next up is another poor soul: Aiden. Edyta, I'm so sorry that you are stuck with this anchor around your neck. They will be doing a quick step. Mrs. Angrybell noticed that Aiden's daughter is wearing her favorite baby clothes designer: Janie and Jack. (Angrybell note - Mrs. Angrybell has a little Janie and Jack addiction) Ahh, a dream girl of a painter! Now I see why they chose this story. It allows Edyta to wear almost nothing. Not that that's a bad thing. Aiden, singing with the music does not help you dance, in fact, I think you have screwed up a few time sin the first seires. It got better in the second pass with the kcisk and flicks. Unfortunately, he might actually be getting some rise and fall. Damn, I want him to go home. It may be because we can't stand him, but it felt lackluster from him. And Len put his finger on what was bothering me: it was too careful. The 20 was about right for the screwed up scoring of tonight.

Maksim and Erin doing a waltz. Its amazing she looks this calm with death threats going on around her. Mrs. Angrybell thikns that being graceful does not come naturally to Erin. She needs to eb closer to his hip. You know, she looks better (dancing-wise) with the blindfoldon. her glide is better and she is making less mistakes with her feet (she made two in the opening open routine). The 23 was pretty fair.

Oh hell, its Kate Goselin and Tony. Doing a paso. And she can't let the wench inside out? And she thinks that she has been hiding? Wow. Talk about self-deception. And now to the dance. Wardrobe did not like her in the lest. They managed to make her look like an elephant. And if people vote for this dance, please shoot yourself. There is no crispness to her. She is walkign through this with a bad sneer on her face. Compare this dacne to Pamela Andersons. Pamela had some problems. However, she was in character and made a go at it. And Tony looked so frustrated at the end of the dance, I feel sorry for him like I do Edyta. Tony, you got handed a lousy, uncoachable, controlling partner. You're doing the best you can do. The 15 was generous.

Derek and Nicole drew the quickstep. Nicole sounds stressed. Godo song for this dance. Mrs. Angrybell thinks that they had the cutest little outfits. She now wants me and Angrybabybelle to dress like that. I'm scared. Why am I not talking about the dance? Simple, she is doing a good job. Her posture is pretty good and in hold her head keeps going to the right place. And they manage to make it look like an old 30s movie. There were just a few times at the end where she looked like she struggling to hold on, but she held it together I thought. Alright Len was right about the contact while in hold. I'll have to go back and look for the lift. Those scores were all over the board. 23. Whoa. Ok. Looking at it again, I see a bunch of Len's complaints, but I keep missing the hold. He was right, quickstep, you have to stay in hold for.

So who goes home? If its up to me... Kate Goselin. Please, put Tony out of his misery.

Nicole and Evan stay the favorites. However, if America gets it collective heads out of their bums, Pamela could make a serious run at this. But only if you all vote!

Please, vote for anyone but Kate Goselin.

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Colby said...

The problem with Pam is that in every pose, every screen shot, whether it's focused on her or not, she has this slutty/pouty/she-thinks-she's-sultry pose going, and it irritates the eff out of my local women. And hopefully all women in general. She seems sweet in her interviews, so let us - the women who actually vote - like you, Pam. Stop acting slutty and just be the sweet person you can be. Not that she's going to read my comment, but ....