Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nixon went to China...

And changed the geopolitical landscape.

Pres. Obama, using his smart foreign-policy, went to China this week. And what did he bring back? I believe the technical term is bubkiss.

Alright, maybe it wasn't nothing. There were some vague commitments by China, Chile, and the Ukraine to ship some uranium to the United States. and Russia did promise to send some of its enriched uranium DNA state for safekeeping. But they won't start doing that for eight years. But what else did the Pres.'s trip to China accomplish? The commitment for 47 countries to get together and work on the problems that were facing them at the meeting in China this week. And, oh yeah, that meeting will happen in two years.

Most significantly, President Obama failed to get China on board with his proposed sanctions against Iran. Nothing concrete was accomplished in regards to North Korea.

However, if you read the headline of the AP article, it sounds like a lot got done. "Summit endorses Obama goal on nuclear security" cries the AP. the reader will into the article and you'll realize that, well, nothing substandard happened. Just a bunch of world leaders getting a photo op together saying "nuclear weapons are bad and we should do something to stop the spread of them."

And hey, the president did get wonderful opportunity with the president of China, so he could show everyone he knows how to bow to yet another foreign dictator.

Multilateralism at work, getting nothing done. I guess that's the legacy that President Obama wants to leave with his foreign-policy.

Great job Mr. President. We elected him why?

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