Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Some Dancing Madness That Isn't My Own (DWTS News)

Think dancing isn't tough? Think that the network lawyers cracked down on Dancing With The Stars after the injuries during Season 8?

Think again.

Apparently Evan Lysachek is dancing with three broken toes. However,he is refusing to pullout despite the pain. His toes have taken to the net and are twittering about this.

And to add to the fun that is going on on stage for Kate Gosselin, she is going to be heading back to court. Her former husband, Jon Gosselin, is taking her to court for primary custody of the children because she is appearing on the show. I feel so bad for Tony. Not only can't she dance, not be a drama queen, and be coachable, but now he is going to have to deal with her added stress of facing a court date while prepping her for the next dance.

Tony, you and Edyta deserve an award for this season. But hey, if America shows some compassion, you will be done with her tonight.

One can dream right?

And then just when you thought nothing else could be worse, Bruno is apparently appearing nude in an ad campaign. Yes, its for charity. But really, do we need to see more of Bruno?

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