Monday, April 19, 2010

The Madness Is Back After A Hiatus (DWTS)

Alright. Thank you America. You ditched the dud (aka Aiden). So let's see what this week has in store for us on "Movie Night".

Niecy and Louis lead off with the jive. I think that Niecy is understanding why weight is not a good thing to have too much of in a ballroom competition. Good song this week already. Last week was just awful for music. Starts off with some nice basic jive moves. Mrs.Angrybell was scared by the shimmying to the judges. Niecy is not as light on her fight as this dance demands. But she is keeping time well. She is just not.. bouncy... enough for lack for a better word. And on that break, she looked a little lost. Her arms, also, at time seems to be tentative and not making the nice lines that Cary Ann likes to see from the contestants. She needs refinement is what we are seeing here. And Len just said exactly what I've been typing! I can't be completely crazy. The 6's were lower than I thought they would give. I honestly thought it would be 7's across the board.

Chad and Cheryl followed up with a quickstep. Mrs. Angrybell thinks they are dating because their dynamic is weird in the practicing. I think its just a weird dynamic, but then again I've been watching too many old episodes of Lie to Me. Bare Necessities. Great song for this dance. In open, Chad looks too lackadaisical and keeps looking over at Cheryl for cues too much. In hold, they are not close enough, and the frame is not locked in place. This is a bit of a mess . Despite all this, the footwork is not bad. He is getting some heel toe action, but then he starts going to his toes too much. Mrs. Angrybell thinks he looks too staid for this dance. Little trip during Cheryl's twirls. Basically, I thought it was mess. Good grief, Cary Anne and I sharing a moment in agreement. Whats wrong with me? Mrs. Angrybell thinks that this is Len's week to be sweet, because she was expecting the fire and brimstone Len. The 6's were right on the money.

Maks and Erin drew the Pulp Fiction jive. They are definitely not having a relationship. They remind me of a brother and sister trying to work together. Too much mucking about and I can't wait to see what Maks and the menu. Alright, go back and compare this dance with Niecy. The foot work is better but she is still having the problem of being heavy on her feet. Niecy at least has an excuse. As Mrs. Angrybell points out, she is tall like Stacy Kiebler, but whereas Stacy used it to her advantage, Erin has this habit of just looking gangly. The split was a nice touch, but too choppy. She needs to smooth out her moves and not look so choppy. Mrs. Angrybell says she needs finish. But overall, you have to say she made Uma wish she looked that good in that outfit. Look at what Stacy did with her height and compare that with what Erin does with hers.

I'm a little confused with Bruno's 8. The sevens were right on. It was just off.

Now comes one of my least favorite men in the competition: Jake. One of these days, Chelsea has got to get someone good. Can someone please tell this guy to stop patting himself on the back. They drew the cha cha cha. Apparently, Jake does not know movies. He came in with the Top Gun volleyball look. I really didn't need to see that. Mrs. Angrybell is shocked, stunned, and speechless, by the start and his costume. I was jsut hoping those pants would get their quicker than his footwork. Now, I never thought of Old Time Rock and Roll as a cha cha cha song. Mrs. Angrybell is wondering what dance he is doing. According to her, he is not doing much and Chelsea is carrying most of the load. I have to agree that the first half is like that. The hip movement is almost nonexistent. But he has flashes of some good movement. Too uneven. Now its my turn to be shocked, stunned and amazed by Len's review of the dance. And of course, Carrie Ann gushes over it. I'm sorry, I don't see it. 8's from the bookends? For real? Len's 7 is closer to the truth, but 8's?

Pam Anderson and Damian drew the quickstep to 9 to 5. One busty blonde channeling another. As a side note, I'm impressed by her endurance, especially in light of her health. Oh Len is going to hate this. Too much screwing around before they get into the dance. But I like the hodl and the closeness. She gets off but then gets back in on his hip. Her head is a little wrong and her frame is not as locked as it should be. Her footwork is good, but the slide step was a bit off. Mrs. Angrybell says "Put Pamela in less clothes." the part where they go over the desk was great. Mrs. Angrybell was willing to give extra points for making it over the desk and chairs as elegantly as she did. And according to Len, it was 24 bars of messing around. Shocking! But its nice to see our crabby Len back. A 7, 6, and 8. Len could've been nicer. Bruno was wrong, but

Next up was Kate and Tony. Can America please put her out of our misery? Its just so painful watching her. And she apparently has never watched Breakfast Club. What woman in that age group has never seen this movie? Really? And watching Tony, I just feel so sorry for him in the rehearsal. She is just obnoxious. I hope he is getting hazard pay for dealing with her. She is jsut phoning it in. Good song. Mrs. Angrybell wants to know which character Kate is supposed to be in this quicksteps (or was it a foxtrot? I have no idea it was that bad.). Mrs. Angrybell says "Kate's hair is becoming increasingly frightening. It was one think when she went for dyke-chic but this.. the 90's called and wants the style bad." There was nothing about this dance I can say that was good on her part. Please, send her home. Apparently, neither can Carrie Ann (aka Pollyanna). And Bruno was downright mean! Go Bruno! The 5's were a gift.

Following that trainwreck was Nicole and Derek doing a tango to Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison. She is starting to feel the stress. I like how they did the opening. It was messing about but it was done in dance moves. Mrs. Angrybell is impressed how well she is hitting her steps. And I love how well she is right on his hip when she is supposed to be. This is such a sharp routine and they are so in synch on their kicks. She looks confident. The spins were great. She looks like she is dancing with him,instead of Derek having to pull her through the dance, like say Tony has to do with Kate. Wow. Mrs. Angrybell is concerned that Bruno may have gone over the edge this time. Len was overly harsh with his 9. I've seen them give lesser dances 30 in other seasons. Sorry Nicole, you got robbed. It should have been 30 and not 29.

Evan and Anna drew "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" for a rhumba. Mrs. Angrybell thinks that Anna stole the keys to Edyta's closet this week. Nice hip movement from Evan right out of the gate. Its not as much as it should be, but it makes Jakes look like what he was: pathetic. He is losing hip action as the dance goes on. However, he has nice lines. THere just wasn't any special moment in the dance. The 27 was nice.

Alright, clearly this week Nicole separated herself from the others in this competition. Pam Anderson is hanging in there, showing some nice improvements. From where she is right now, if the final three were named today, she would probably be in there.

On the men's side of the sheet, its a bit of a mess. Chad seems to be in freefall. Either he needs to give up sleeping with Cheryl or he needs to sleep with her. Because whatever it is right now between them, its not working. Evan is in control of the men. The rest... they might as well not exist.

But this is true: Kate needs to be given a swift boot off this show. Please. Do it for Tony!


Colby said...

So Chad is totally dying to hook up with Cheryl, wooing her with gifts and flirting to the extreme, but she is keeping him at bay for now. His Twitter account keeps me informed. Jake - Ugh. Send him home he bugs. Kate - I have no words. Tony must feel like he's dragging a tree around, and how bitchy was she? The attitude about his choreo? I guess I do have words after all. I miss Edyta in a completely hetero way. Her body should be illegal. Nicole is a ringer. Evan is good. Pam has clearly taken my advice and started smiling instead of posing. Good show. Great recap!

AngryBell said...

Colby - Remember, this is a San Francisco-based blog, so nothing would be bad if it was a non-hetero thing.