Monday, August 21, 2006

And Its All Over

Well, my trial is over. Over before it really started in fact.

This morning we fought out the motions in limine with the opposing party who had initiated the case. After the motions were done, the plaintiff made one final offer, which the client rejected stating that he would only accept the decision of a jury. When we left , he was promising us that the refusal of their final offer meant that there would be no further offers.

Either my co-counsel and I were really ready, or too stupid be scared, but we thanked the opposing counsel and apologized that we were not able to agree to the opposing party's "generous" offer. When we came back from lunch, the opposing party was signing a different tune.

It went "We dismiss your honor."

So we won. But I still would have liked to have picked a jury and seen what happened.

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