Monday, August 14, 2006

Today's Rundown

So after packing up my future in-laws and moving them over the weekend (a story to be told later), I returned to San Francisco only to find more idiocy. The most idiotic came to me via a voicemail from a client.

Apparently, the other side in a case I am working on has decided that they are not going to comply with the court's order. The order that they begged the judge to give as opposed to the one my party was seeking.

Does he think that disobeying the court's order is a good idea?

So today, I get to give him the "option A, option B" talk. Option A, we all follow the court's order and everyone gets on with their life. Option B, we go to go court with the proof that they are refusing to comply with the court order for no other reason than they think that it might, someday, possibly inconvenience them (not that they have proof that it will, just that it theoretically might). We also bring up the fact that they are also being evasive as to an earlier court order. And then we ask the court for sanctions and fees.

Unfortunately, I never got to give my little speech (and it was nice too) because about 5 minutes into the conversation, as I was still trying to nicely talk him into compliance, he hangs up on me.

As my fiance said when she heard about this "He chose option B, I wouldn't recommend that."

I just wanted everyone to abide by a freaking/fracking/insert f-word court order that was good for everyone.

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