Thursday, August 17, 2006

Should I be surprised?

Well it appears that France has gone back on its committment to lead the force which would implement the UN Resolution in Lebanon. Instead of sending the troops it said it would, 3,500, it will now only dispatch a contingent of 200. Of course, France already has 200 solidiers assigned to UNIFIL, and its not clear if that means any more will be sent.

Why should I be surprised. After all, it is France that has been saying that Iran is a stabilizing force in the Middle-East. It has also been France's position that defending the sovereign territory against terrorist attacks and rocket bombardments is disproportionate.

Of course this entire cease fire resolution is dependent upon Hezbollah agreeing to abide by the terms. So far, it seems that they have not released their hostages, begun to disarm, or even signalled a willingness to disarm when the UN troops arrive.

Its so nice to see that UN and France are willing to have peace at any price.

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