Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Streak Ends and Starts Again

In honor of the Giants finally breaking the current losing streak, the referral service I belong to sent me a couple of referrals this week. One did not pan out, since she had already found an attorney. The other ended a streak that I have been on.

From what I can tell, this client has no obvious mental disease or defects. This person does not exhibit any obvious signs of substance abuse, and does not live a lifestyle that would shock the horses in the street. In short, this person is rather... normal. And the other side in this case... seems to be reasonable, just wanting a judicial imprimateur on a previous agreement. This could all be... well... civilized.

Just when I thought I was going to lose my mind (because if you have seen many of the people I have reperesented, both for pay and pro bono, you would understand), the Bar Association came to my rescue. The coordinator (who really is a great person) at the VLSP sent me an email asking if I would meet with a potential client. She said that it was a case that a mutual acquaintance of ours thought I would be perfect to handle.

The acquaintance is a social worker who specializes in helping people with mental problems. So in other words, I am back to being the lawyer for crazy people.

My mother will be so happy. But at least the story will be better.

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