Monday, December 04, 2006

Thinking About The TSA

One of the wonderous bureaucracies created by terrorist attacks on 9/11 was the Transportation Security Administration. In addition to be so very effective as the guardians of who gets on aircraft, they also screen the baggage on all the flights.

This comes to mind, only because there was recently a great number of people which I was talking to about their flights. And a number of them seemed to complain about things going missing from their bags. One person in particular had gifts, which he was carrying for a number of people, stolen from his bag. Now, unlike one friend, who had her iPod taken, these were not small things. They were large bottles and boxes which were removed form his bag.

According to the TSA, since they took over screening the bags, they have received 84,000 "administrative claims" (translation: claims that items have been taken from travellers bags) during the period up to May 6, 2006. That works out 2,100 claims per month.

Now, the absolute numbers may not be that large, but at the same time, how can people who are charged with the security of air travel allow that many reported thefts to occur.

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