Thursday, June 21, 2007

All I want to do is to surrender dammit!

So in one of my cases, the clients were all full of vim to go and fight this out to the bitter end. However, after I had gotten through rejecting the other sides offer, the clients call me back to say that "no, we really want to just end it on any terms at any price."

Alright, so those were not the exact words. But that was the gist of the message.

I did my best to tell them that this was not in their best interests. They said no, just end it.

So now I am trying to end it. And the other side won't take my phone call or return my letters.

Now I am getting to a point where I may have to tell the clients that surrender is no longer an option.

I wish there was an ethical way to put in my retainer agreements that my clients are not allowed to surrender after rejecting the other sides offer, and especially after declaring to me that they want to fight it to the bitter end. This is just happening too often.

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