Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Difference Is....?

In light of the recent, and sudden, rush of the U.S. and Israel to back Fatah, I thought it was important to show the difference between the two. Fortunately for me, Cox and Forkum have done a nice little visual.

Of course, some may say that this is just a knee-jerk conservative leaning artists' impression of the complexities of the Middle East. So going to the tape we have this picture of Hamas supporters...

And then we have the Fatah supporters...

Let's see. About the only difference I can tell between these groups is that one is in favor of Sharia law for all while the other is in favor of a kleptocracy. Other than that, their goal is simply the destruction of Israel, the murder of Jews, and a continuing jihad against the West in order to establish a new caliphate.

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