Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Following up

So as you may have noticed, I have been venting a lot lately. Partly, it has to do with my clients losing heart. Partly it has to do with opposing counsel not having brains that were issued to lemmings.

A little harsh? Well consider that when I finally was able to contact opposing counsel in this matter, their response to my numerous emails and phone messages was "We thought you meant something else."

That's right. When I tell you in no uncertain terms that my clients wish to take you up on your offer on the terms which you proposed, I am really trying to confuse you.

Since I was nowhere near a fax machine, being in a foreign country, I tell them I will send them a pdf (which is permitted under the way the document is drafted) of the signature pages. Which I send, and tell them that if they do not get them in the next hour, to email me back.

Or call.

Or send a smoke signal.

All of which gets a "O.k." from the other side.

Now, today, believing that they have received the instruments of surrender, since I have not received any message in any form to the contrary, I set about to getting back to work. Only to receive a letter accusing me of double crossing them by not transmitting the documents by fax.

Right. What part of "I have to send the documents to you by email" and you saying "O.k." told you that it would be sent by fax?!?!?!?!?!

It is probably just me, but lately, I am getting really short fused with slumlord attorneys.

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