Friday, June 08, 2007

A Good Step In The Right Direction

So Paris Hilton is on her way back to jail. Good start for the Judge.

No the question is, why is the Sheriff not being held accountable for this by the court. It seems clear that the court's order clearly stated that she had to server her time in jail and not in some alternative custody program. It would appear to me that the Sheriff's action clearly was contary to what the court ordered and therefore the Sheriff should be held in contempt.

And now it looks like the Hilton defense team will be racking up the billables as they prepare a petition for habeas corpus as a way of appealing the court's decision. Until then, it looks like the heiress will continue to be incarcerated L.A. County's finest medical detention center.

Ms. Hilton, on the hand, has absolutely no one to blame for her situation but herself. She had three chances to avoid going to jail. It was only after the third violation of her probation terms that she was finally sentenced. She could have avoided all this if she had done three little things. First, she could have registered for her drunk driving class. Second, she could have avoided driving until she got her license back. Third, she could have remembered to not speed 70 mph in a 35 mph zone. For those interested, go take a look at the City Attorney's moving papers for the May hearing.

Now, one final word in all this, about the "medical condition" that Ms. Hilton allegedly has. Its called "Not-wanting-to-go-jail Syndrome". Nearly all first timer incarcerants have it.

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