Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Time Well Spent

So this afternoon, I got to spend a fair amount of time in a meeting. Now this would not have been a bad thing if there was any chance at all that something good could come out of it. I was not going to get paid for the meeting. I was not going to be able to help someone through the Bar Association's Pro Bono program. I was not even going to get the pleasure of just spending time with some friends.

Instead, it was a meeting to try and head off a client from suing yours truly.

What am I being sued for? As near as I can figure, the basis of the suit will be that I did my job well and got the client a good result. When I became involved in the case, the client had a judgment against them. The sheriff was about levy the client's bank accounts and possibly other property to satisfy the judgment. When I was through, I had obtained not only the best result possible in the situation, but also the deal which the client had previously authorized and was asking to have reinstated.

Now I believe it is everyone's right to pursue meritorious claims in court. And this case is no different. If this person is the mensch they claim to be, they will walk away from this and realize I did a mitzvah for them. I received no money for representing them. I did what no other attorney was able to do.

At the meeting, I remained mostly silent while others attempted to broker an accord between myself and this client. But what I really wanted to say was this:

"You want to sue me? Go for it. When its over, whatever lawyer handles it will have you looking like France after the last time Germany went on tour."

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