Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Not a Good Day for

Fatah. Looks like they are on the losing end of a fight against Hamas. I was kind of hoping that this would drag out a bit longer, but it looks like Fatah is getting the short end of the stick. Either way this ends, Israel is still facing an enemy who is not interested in any sort of real peace negotiations.

Israel. Hamas is winning (today at least). I'm wondering if it almost makes Bibi wish that Arrafat was not spinning in his grave? At least the U.N. and Human Rights Watch are not blaming Israel for the current Arab civil war in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Democracy in Lebanon. Lebanese parliamentarian Walid Eido, a critic of Syrian involvement in Lebanese affairs, was killed when someone (could it be the Syrian intelligence services) set off a car bomb. Also killed in the blast were his son, two bodyguards and three (some say 2) other passersby. Charles has an eyewitness account of the blast. (Hat tip Israellycool)

Haiti's under 17 world cup soccer team. Apparently, most of them dissappeared in New York during a stopover to the under-17 World Cup in South Korea. You would think that they would have done it after playing in the international match instead of before it.

Children. Mr. Wizard died.

The porn industry. In Iran, the parliament has voted to make the production of porn punishable by death.

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